Set Subjects 2019

Judged in February 2019 - Symmetry
Symmetry Balance that is achieved by arranging elements on either side of the centre of a composition in an equally weighted manner. Symmetrical balance can be thought of as 50/50 balance or like a mirror image.' PCC 3 way interclub subject

Judged in March 2019 - The Odd one Out
An image where there is one thing that is different from the rest? PCC 3 way interclub subject

Judged in April 2019 - n/a

Judged in May 2019 - Where does the other sock go. 29th April
PLEASE NOTE THIS JUDGING IS ON 29th APRIL BECAUSE OF THE MAY HOLIDAY. 'The other sock has disappeared from the washing. Where has it gone? What is it up too? Now is your chance to use your imagination and catch that sock doing what an escapee sock would be doing. Imagination and creativity is what is needed here to come up with an image that tells a story and produces a humorous response from the viewer. Bring that sock to life. No computer manipulated altered reality permitted. Do it in camera! Use your imagination! ' PCC 3 way interclub subject

Judged in June 2019 - n/a

Judged in July 2019 - n/a

Judged in August 2019 - n/a

Judged in September 2019 - n/a

Judged in October 2019 - n/a

Judged in November 2019 - n/a