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General FAQs

Is parking available at the meeting place?

There is lots of parking available at the club room. Please park nose in on the grassed footpath area in front of the oval. The concreted area immediately in front of the hall is reserved for those bringing equipment to the meeting, judges,lecturers, and members and visitors with disabilities.

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Is there really a meeting on a public holiday?

Yes - the club meets on the first, third and fourth Monday of the month, regardless of whether that Monday is a public holiday. If in doubt, double check the club's website for the date of any meetings.

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Where can I find the newsletter?

The club newsletter is only available to club members. If you are a club member, you should log into the website using your member number and password.

Once logged in, the newsletters can be accessed by clicking on 'Newsletters' in the menu.

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I'm not a member, can I still attend a meeting?

Visitors are welcome to attend our club meetings.

  • Visitors who are not members of other PSQ affiliated clubs are welcome to attend up to 3 club meetings (within 3 months) as a trial period to help them decide if they wish to join the club. These visitors may not attend outings of the club during that trial period. After that time they are expected to join the club if they wish to keep attending meetings.
  • Members of other PSQ affiliated clubs are welcome to attend meetings and also outings depending on availability of places.
  • An Associate Membership is available which allows for attendance at meetings and outings but not entry in competitions or voting rights. This may suit new members who would prefer to not commit to a Full Membership when first joining the club.
  • Club membership ensures that the club’s Public Liability Insurance covers members, which is especially important during club outings.
  • All visitors are to pay the nightly fee which helps to pay for supper and hall hire.
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