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6 February 17

Club Meeting - Judging Evening
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20 February 17

Landscape Photography
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27 February 17

Conversations Evening
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Site Updates

Definitions for Nature & Wildlife competitions

Posted by Anne on 12 January 2017

Nature photography is restricted to the use of the photographic process to depict all branches of natural history, except anthropology and archaeology, in such a fashion that a well-informed person will be able to identify the subject material and certify its honest presentation. The story telling value of a photograph must be weighed more than the pictorial quality while maintaining high technical quality. Human elements shall not be present, except where those human elements are integral parts of the nature story such as nature subjects, like barn owls or storks, adapted to an environment modified by humans, or where those human elements are in situations depicting natural forces, like hurricanes or tidal waves. Scientific bands, scientific tags or radio collars on wild animals are permissible. Photographs of human created hybrid plants, cultivated plants, feral animals, domestic animals, or mounted specimens are ineligible, as is any form of manipulation that alters the truth of the photographic statement. [More Information]

Club outings

Posted by Anne on 26 December 2016

The last outing for 2016 in November was to Southbank Parklands. We were lucky to miss the storm and the clouds cleared so we had the golden afternoon light on the buildings and even some sunset colours in the sky. We photographed the city at dusk and at night and the bridges. The pagoda and the Brisbane wheel were lit up and there was the opportunity of photographing the light trails of the cars and buses across the Victoria Bridge. Most people stayed for dinner and it made for an enjoyable social night and I hope a good one for photography. [More Information]